KEG Investment Approach


The KEG team consists of experienced successful entrepreneurs who know how to launch and
grow a business. Our opportunity sweet spot is opportunities that:

  • Seek active but not overbearing investors As previous entrepreneurs we understand it is your business and are not looking to control your business, however, we do have experience and want an active guidance/advisory role.

  • Align with our experience and passion We have experience in Technology, Software As A Service and are passionate about golf, cycling, motorcycles and sports.

  • Are based in western or southeastern United States KEG founders are located in the Western and Southeastern United States. Those locations are primary to leverage their contacts, however, due to the global nature of business, KEG will investigate any United States opportunity.

  • Seek $50,000 to $1,000,000 KEG not only provides initial seed capital but also partners with a wide range of other seed and early-stage investors to provide the required capital.

  • Include entrepreneurs that we like KEG views the founders and company leaders as our partners. Starting a new venture or growing an early venture is not easy and its important to work with people that are compatible and we enjoy and respect.

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